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Photo Editing Co. brings you the best in class drop shadow service in the market. You might wonder why that would matter to you. Well, read on to discover exactly that. A drop shadow service is an essential factor in establishing the natural look of an image. If a photo is prepared by a poor drop shadow service, it will look unnatural even if the mistake is subtle. This is because having drop shadows in the wrong places only makes matters worse.

A major issue of amateur editing is that it always features some form of flaw in drop shadows which gives away the fact that the photo has been altered in some way. We can say this instinctively, without knowing what is actually wrong with the image and our perception of value for that image instantly decreases. Thus, having a natural image with proper drop shadows servicing is very important. We keep this in mind with all of our projects and if required, use clipping path to pick up and retain any original drop shadows when moving objects from one image to another. In contrast, we can generate new drop shadows from scratch if need be. We ensure that the shadows we apply look completely genuine and natural. If implemented properly, artificial drop shadows can sometimes be even better than the original ones.

The idea of applying drop shadows manually to make things look better might sound far-fetched, but is actually very practical. It is usually required in order to provide a sense of depth to an object which has been added from an external source. In such cases either the object’s original shadow does not match with its surroundings or it does not have any shadow at all. Enhancements won’t work in such a case and a new drop shadow must be applied and any trace of the original shadow must be removed. The drop shadows that we apply are meant to match or even surpass the quality of originally captured shadows.

We appreciate the importance of working together with our clients to meet their specific requirements. We know that every client is unique with unique demands for their editing tasks. Thus, our priority is to advance as per our client’s instructions and meet the specific goals that they set for us. If our clients insist on making modifications to existing shadows in an image instead of applying completely new drop shadows, we will manipulate those shadows and bring about the look that our clients desire. We can use advanced techniques such as blending and softening to make the altered shadows appear as genuine as possible. We look at the process of adding drop shadows as a major task in the path of completing our clients’ tasks instead of looking at it as an insignificant part of a larger project. At Photo Editing Co., our experts’ attention to detail enables us to maintain the level of quality we promise to offer. Thus, we can offer higher quality work and deliver as well whereas other companies fail to do so.

On the surface the adding drop shadows sounds like a really easy job. But, if we take a closer look we will know the amount of work that actually goes into perfecting this act. We take into account a plethora of factors such as proportionality and edge softening. We have to check if light sources are present in images and if there are multiple light sources, we calculate the effect of these light sources on objects and apply shadows accordingly. This gets more complicated as multiple shadows overlap and they must have different shades.


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