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image masking service
image masking service

In images where objects have complex edges, clipping path can become a time consuming and clumsy tool to use. Although highly accurate, we need an alternative to clipping path in such cases. Image masking is used in images like these. As a result, this technique has become one of the most essential ones in the photo editing industry lately. Image masking allows us to select an object in the foreground or invert selection to select its background, much like a clipping path, only in this case, it can distinguish between the object and its background even when the edges are highly uneven with fine ridges. A model’s hair spread out in front of a white background would be a perfect example of this. Image how difficult it would be to select the edges of the individual hairs in such a case. Image masking service makes our lives a lot easier as an efficient alternative.

At Photo Editing Co, we try to bring you the most perfectly edited photo in the shortest amount of time that we possibly can. So, we opt for image masking service for tasks such as removing a background from images with foliage with sharp edges and hair. Tasks like these have to be done on a daily basis for some photographers, like the example of a model’s hair as mentioned before. No matter how detailed the edges are, rest assured that image masking services can take care of it with extreme precision. If an object is picked out, then none of the background’s parts will come with it and on the other hand no portion of the image will be left on the background of the background has to be reused. What this enables us to do is make perfect and natural looking background edits without leaving any trace of the fact that any editing has been done in the first place.

At Photo Editing Co, our primary goal is to maintain the premium quality of our photos that you expect from us. We can deliver this because we can make vital decisions such as choosing between which tools to use in which situations. Whether clipping path is being used or image masking is necessary is a decision that affects the quality of the finished product. We come across these kinds of decision making every day and from our experience we can deduce which tool is perfect for which task. If we decided to finish our projects hastily, we would not even be making this decision in the first place and pick whatever method is the fastest. But, we never do this. We promise that to us, maintaining top quality is of higher priority than producing in bulk.

We also ensure that experts in their specific fields are working on the type of editing they have the most experience in. Your image masking service will be done only by specialists who have many years of experience in image masking and not in something else like vector conversion. When each individual’s expertise is combined and applied in specific editing in an image, the final result is of much superior that it would have been if just one person was working on it. Even though many people will be working together on a single project, we have no issues with maintaining a seamless communication with our client as we progress through the task. We take their advice every step of they to produce a finished image that can perfectly meet their expectations.


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