Mirror Effects Reflection Shadows

Mirror Effects Reflection Shadows

At Photo Editing Co., one of our most praised services among all the services that we offer is the utilization of mirror effects. Reflection shadows also come to mind when talking about mirror effects. Both arise from the same technique, but the implications of each are quite different. Just like drop shadows,mirror effectsand reflection shadows can provide a sense of depth. This becomes really important when product samples are picked up from unwanted backgrounds. In e-commerce sites, products must be displayed in a way that does not make it look like it is floating in mid-air. Thus,we realize the necessity of reflection shadows in professional images.

If a product looks alien to its background, people naturally get repelled from it. It appears unfitting and unrealistic. No matter how amazing the actual product may be, this flaw serves as bad publicity for no practical reason. In situations like these, adding an artificial surface using reflections shadows is the most useful method. Mirror effects can also be used to produce a background or sense of surrounding. Working together, mirror effect and reflection shadow services can create a strong link between the product being displayed and its background and floor. This is instrumental in the display of jewelleries, show pieces and shoes.

It’s never easy to create images for these kind of professional purposes. A major issue is the overuse of the mirror effect. As advantageous as this method is, excessive application turns it into a disadvantage, making products look cheap and flashy. There is no place in the modern era for products like these. Again, even of the real thing is quite different, the presentation and appearance in images might give off a completely different vibe. At Photo Editing Co., we work hard, but we never overdo it. Never in our images will you see any kind of overuse of mirror effects or reflection shadows for that matter. Sometimes reflection shadows become a better alternative to mirror effect as well. Appling a light touch of reflection shadows is sometimes seen as a sign of class. This is because in these cases the product’s appearance takes priority in the viewer’s mind and not its surroundings.

We appreciate the importance of working together with our clients to meet their specific requirements. We know that every client is unique with unique demands for their editing tasks. Thus, our priority is to advance as per our client’s instructions and meet the specific goals that they set for us. Even though many people will be working together on a single project, we have no issues with maintaining a seamless communication with our client as we progress through the task. We take their advice every step of they to produce a finished image that can perfectly meet their expectations. We try to meet our all our clients’ expectations completely and reproduce images that surpass their imaginations. Every project goes through a stage of analysis which ensures that the photo looks natural and flawless.

Our relationship with our clients is the backbone of our work. So we develop completely new reflection shadows or reflections or reuse existing ones in photos as per our client’s instruction. We give life to a lifeless image by the process of our extensive mirror effect and reflection shadow service and deliver images that not only satisfies our clients but also make them exultant in the process. Irrespective of how much work we have at hand, we will never compromise on quality to deliver more images and take on more work. This is one of the reasons why many have chosen Photo Editing Co. over other competing companies.


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